How to use lut preset packs

So, you've fallen into the world of LUTS. You keep seeing all the "what LUTS do you use" comments scattered around on social media and have eventually found yourself here, browsing a whole new universe of creativity.

Before you to take the deep dive into purchasing our LUTS, you should be sure to know how to use them first!

Scroll below to see our step by step guide on how to use your LUTS in: Lightroom, Photoshop, Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Adobe Lightroom LUT Presets

Go to Develop tab. Click on the Profile Browser. Select the your downloaded LUT.

Adobe Photoshop LUT Presets

Once you have loaded your photo to Photoshop, simply click the "adjustment layer" button. From there select "Colour lookup...".

Once done, a new layer will be added and a window will appear.

You can then load your downloaded LUT into the layer.

How to use lut preset packs in photoshop

Adobe Premiere Pro LUT Presets

Once you have loaded your footage into Premiere Pro, go to "Window" > "Lumetri Color" to open the program’s LUTs panel.

Then go to "Basic Correction" find the Input LUT option.

Click the dropdown menu and select Browse.

Simply select your LUT file to apply it to your footage.

You’ll need to apply the LUT to each video.

How to use lut preset packs in Premiere Pro

Adobe After Effects LUT Presets

Once you have set up your project in after effects, you need to make sure the "Effects & Presets panel" is visible. You can check if this is on by going to "Window" > "Effects & Presets" and make sure it is ticked.

In the "Effects & Presets" panel search for the term “LUT”

Then drag and drop "Apply Color LUT" onto your footage

In the dialog box you can choose your downloaded LUT.

How to use lut preset packs in After Effects

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