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Grant Kaufman is a director of photography and fashion photographer from Boulder, Colorado. He has been making films with friends and family since the age of 8, and is currently attending the prestigious Denver School of the Arts for Cinematography & Filmmaking studies. Since 2017, Grant has lensed over twenty projects varying from dramas to comedies, and from music videos to documentaries and commercials. Recently, Grant held a summer internship at F4D Studio, helping shoot various types of non-fiction projects including the 2019 Westword Music Showcase Recap. While working as a cinematographer for various projects, Grant discovered his love for classic fashion photography. He hopes to continue this passion as a fashion and portrait photographer. Grant hopes to continue his passion for cinematography and photography after college, and develop his own personal style as a visual storyteller.



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Available for: Lightroom, Photoshop, Premiere Pro & After Effects

BLEACHFEST is a high-contrast, film-like, LUT made for all types of projects. The LUT adds a similar look to a Bleach Bypass, a process when developing film. The process preserved more of the crystals inside the film emulation, and in turn, made the image have a sharper contrast curve.

In order to get the most out of the LUT, shoot in a RAW or LOG profile.


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